Say Hello to the easiest everyday accessory,Forever Jewelry.


  • What is Forever Jewelry? It's a customized bracelet ,ring ,necklace etc that is custom fit directly onto you. It has no clasp and is welded on with no necessary maintenance.
  • Where can I get zapped? We have monthly Pop Up events all over the tristate area. Check out our calender to find a location and day thats convienient for you and book an appointment with us.
  • Do I need to have an appointment? We accept walk-ins however, appointments are recommended and are prority.
  • Does the weld hurt? The weld process is pain free!
  • What if my bracelet breaks or stretches ? Dont worry! Things happen . We insure the integrity of our work but each forever piece is very delicate. Keep your jewelry and contact us at to schedule a repair.
  • Will it cause issues at the airport? Delicate jewelry rarely (if ever) needsto be taken off to get through security.

A Bond That Cant Be Broken ..

Grab your partner, mom, sister or even a best friend and create a bond that last forever! Choose between one of our beautiful gold or silver chains and create something unique and special. Book your appointment at one of our Pop up Shop Events today !

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